Club Contest  – Narrated by Jim

Well, my Fellow Figure 9er’s …. Greetings again!  As you all know our inter club 3:15 Meet is concluded and the “Man of the Hour” is our very own Mr. Ed Hanson *:D big grin*:D big grin!  From all of your competitors allow me to say “CONGRATULATIONS”!!  (Hey Ed …. just know …. they’re all gunnin’ ‘fer ya’ now *=)) rolling on the floor*=)) rolling on the floor!!  )

1st Place        Ed Hanson    3:18:21

2nd Place       Ray Johnson    3:24:78

3rd Place        George Obradovich    4:09:30

4th Place        Don Nakonechny    4:25:29

5th Place        Richard Burns        1:29:39

6th Place        Larry Helphinstine    1:16:88

7th Place        Lorenzo Osario    0:49:45


Worthy of Mention      Bill Morris    Did not compete BUT …. “he did get it up”  *:)) laughing*:)) laughing*:)) laughing!!



Well, that’s all for now!  Remember, keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!!

See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil!